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Type: 2.4Ghz
Color: White
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Would you like to have fast and stable internet access anywhere in your home or office? Then choose our Wifi Repeater!

You probably know the problem: you want good Wi-Fi in your living room, office, bedroom and on the toilet. However, your router at the most central place often and the signal is not optimal at every spot in your house. Result: pages that do not load, movies that do not start and much irritation.

With our Wifi Repeater you can strengthen and accelerate your router's Wi-Fi signal. In this way you can enjoy a fast connection anywhere in your home and choppy connections are a thing of the past. That means endless YouTube videos, watching Netflix and downloading files.

Our Wi-Fi Repeater operates on the 2.4 GHz frequency band and offers wireless speeds of up to 300 Mbps (Mb per second). In addition, the Repeater is quick and easy to install. All you have to do is connect the Repeater to your router and you can place it anywhere in your home.

New: Now also available in a 5Ghz version for an even faster connection!

Our Wi-Fi Repeater is an economical option when it comes to faster internet. If you want to buy faster internet from your internet provider, the monthly costs can be quite high. With this Wifi Repeater you choose a one-time investment, which will provide you with fast internet in the long run.

Finally, our Wi-Fi Repeater is not only useful at home, but also at the office. Often the Wifi here is less as the number of people in the room increases. That's why our Wifi Repeater can be a real godsend here too!

  • A strong and stable Wifi signal throughout the house; with our Wifi Repeater you will have a strong and stable Wifi signal within no time.
  • Easy to install; our Wifi Repeater is easy to install and connect to your router.
  • Affordable faster internet; with our Wifi Repeater you have a cost-effective way to get faster internet.
  • Multifunctional; our Wifi Repeater is multifunctional for your home and office.

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