LuxGarden Waterpump for drill

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What to do with unnecessary water? Or do you just want to transfer a certain liquid from one place to another without messing around too much? These jobs are completed in no time with this water pump, simply powered by your electric drill!

This lightweight water pump is ideal for pumping away unnecessary water or transferring liquids from A to B. You can think of pumping out an aquarium, boat, sink, or even a clogged gutter. In addition, this product is also very useful in transferring various liquids such as freshwater, seawater, oil, insecticides, and basically anything liquid. 

The pump is self-priming and easy to use. The housing is lightweight and robust. You easily connect your cordless drill to the pump and connect a piece of hose on both sides with the handily supplied garden hose couplings.

No more hassle with sucking up trays with a hose. Just charge the battery drill and pump! 

Highlights & specifications

  • Waterpump
  • Self-priming pump
  • Powered by the cordless drill
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Color: black
  • Including 2 universal couplers
  • Suitable for garden hose couplings
  • Cordless drill exclusive

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