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Every year the same problem occurs, as soon as the temperatures rise the mosquitoes will appear again. Have you already tried everything and do not believe anymore in the regular mosquito nets? We have the solution for you with this Mosquito Killer Lamp. Ideal around the house, especially for your livingroom and bedroom.

This powerful and super economical mosquito killer lamp is the ideal solution for coming summer. It ensures that you can sleep at night without annoying mosquitoes, flies and other insects bugging you. Get yours now and enjoy your summer without any mosquito bites and nightly chases.

The mosquitoes will be attracted by the UV light after which they are sucked in by the built-in fan resulting in being trapped inside. It is that simple and effective! This way you no longer have to deal with annoying buzzing insects around you. The lamp is easy to disassemble and to remove the caught mosquitoes. Just rinse it off and it is ready to use again. And all this without nasty chemicals or annoying mosquito net above your bed. Great right?

Highlights & Specifications

  • LED Mosquito Killer
  • Renewed version with vortex
  • Super efficient LED UV lamp
  • Consumption: 5 watts
  • Powered by USB cable
  • No chemicals or spray needed
  • Controls an area of approx: 60 m2
  • For best results place at 100cm height
  • Includes free shipping

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