Beauty Spa Tri Stone Shower Head

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Say goodbye to low water pressure and start relaxing while showering with the one and only Beauty Spa Tri-Stone Showerhead. You'll see that after showering you'll feel like you've been reborn.

Discover the Spa Stone Tri-function Showerhead
This showerhead distinguishes itself in several ways from other showerheads, it has the following 3 different positions:

  1. Massage: Reduces muscle stiffness with a strong massage jet to make your stress disappear.
  2. Jetting: The combination of powerful and soft rays give you an invigorating wellness experience, after which you feel like you've been reborn.
  3. Rain: Find peace and tranquility under the soft and tender rays of rain 

Purifies water
Two layers of mineralized stones significantly reduce impurities, chlorine, and bacteria that cause damaged hair and dry skin. The purifying effects of the showerhead bring the balance back into your hair and body.

Increases water pressure and saves water
Say goodbye to low water pressure with the newly designed showerhead, where laser technology has been used to create the 250 water openings. The water pressure can increase up to 200% while saving up to 35% water compared to normal showerheads.

Transform your home into a private spa! The Seoul Stone shower head with no less than 250 water openings creates a powerful and soothing jet of water that leaves your skin feeling softer.

Easy and quick installation
Easy to assemble by yourself in 1 minute. No tools required. Fits any standard shower hose connection.

Highlights & Specifications

  • Brand: Cyclone Spa
  • Model: Spa Stone Tri-function
  • Dimensions: 24 x 7.5 x 9 cm
  • Showerhead diameter: 8 cm
  • Color: Transparent, Chrome
  • Increase water pressure (up to 200%)
  • Saves water (up to 35%)
  • 3 different modes
  • Showerhead contains 250 holes
  • Contains mineralized stones
  • Easy assembly within one minute
  • Standard Shower hose connection

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