Solar Led Radiator 50W

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Does it bother you too that it gets so dark in your garden? No worries! You can now easily light up the dark corners of your garden, without having to install expensive wiring. After installing a Solar Led Spotlight, your garden is now well lit and you will feel much safer in the evening thanks to the bright light that the Solar Led Spotlight will bring you. This is super convenient right?

The Solar Led spotlight has an innovative design that will perfectly illuminate your garden, without the need of any wires. The spotlight works 100% on solar energy and is therefore very easy to install. During the day the Solar LED will be charging, and at night it provides you with up to 10 hours of light and a priceless feeling of safety. Thanks to the built-in sensor, the Solar LED spotlight lights up as soon as it detects movement, which deters intruders. The Solar Led Illuminator easily illuminates your dark alley so you you will be assured of feeling safe in these corners of your garden.

The Solar LED Torch is specially designed for those difficult spots in your garden in an effective way to provide lighting. Thanks to the 5.5V / 1W solar panel charges during the day, and at night the LED panel will optimally illuminate your garden. The 50 watt floodlight with 100 LEDs switches on automatically as soon as it detects movement. After 30 seconds the lamp automatically switches off again. Thanks to the handy design, it is also very easy to direct the Solar Led spotlight after installation to the area that you would like to illuminate. For the best effect, place the solar panel in a place where it can catch most of the sunlight. The lamp and solar panel are IP65 water resistant.

Highlights & specifications

Solar LED spotlight
Power consumption: 50 watts
Equipped with 100 LEDs
Lighting without wiring
Ideal for dark areas
Installation without the hassle of pulling wires
Works on solar energy
Lights up to 10 hours at night
Water resistant
Equipped with sensor (5-8 meters)

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