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During the long and dark days we understand you might have a need for light. For example to highlight dark areas in your garden, for safety or just to stand out?

Discover these handy platform LED lights from LuxGarden. Charged by the sun during the day and automatically switched on at night due to the built-in twilight switch.

Since they recharge themselves you will not have extra energy costs using these lights. And you can easily place them anywhere you want. Even when they are not in direct sunlight they will charge.

These lights are compact, elegant and fit perfectly into the any environment without standing out too much. In addition to their beautiful appearance, they also have a safety function. You can subtly mark the stairs in your garden. They provide enough light to guide you and your visitors safely.

The lights allow you to mark steps, paths, patios, terraces or gardens. They can also be used for decorative purposes in the garden thereby creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Installation is very easy, you can simply glue them with a little sealant or secure them with 2 screws. Enjoy free lighting in the garden, powered by solar energy. There is no need to connect a cable. The solar panel converts sunlight into energy, thereby charging the battery during the day. Charging takes about 5-8 hours after which the lamp will last another 8 hours!

💡 Weatherproof: rain or snow, it's all no problem!
💡 Easy to install: switch on the lamp, place it in its place and wait until it is dark
💡 Small but nice: with a size of 8x4x4.5cm they are very small but with their powerful LEDs they give brilliant light.

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