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Do you have little space in your shower or don't you feel like hanging up a bathroom rack and having to drill holes for it? Are you short of storage space or do you want to have your products immediately at hand? Thanks to the shower rod tray, you never have to put anything on the floor, this saves you from having to bend down again. Because of the sturdy fence around it, no products fall on the ground or even worse, on your foot! 

All your shower gear in one place!
The tray offers space for several bottles or flasks. There are also hooks present, here you hang a washcloth, bath sponge, or back scrubber.  On the side, there is also room for the showerhead. Handy when you want to have your hands free. 

Space-saving and practical

A practical and compact shower tray for your shampoo, shower gel, shower sponge, and other shower products. Because you want to be fresh for the day. Simply attach the shower tray to each shower rod, it won't slip away. No drilling or tools required, assembly has never been easier. Thanks to the non-slip grid, no water remains in the tray, which also prevents the formation of mold.

The shower tray has a white-black design with a metallic finish that fits into any bathroom. Light in weight but strong in carrying capacity. In addition, the shower tray is easy to clean.

  • Luxhome Showerstand tray
  • Easy to clean
  • Dimension: 27x12x7cm
  • Maximum load capacity: 5kg
  • Color: white, black with chrome

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