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Would you like to have a durable LED Colorlight? Which also provides a touch of cosy atmosphere in your home?

Then wait no longer and choose the LuxHome RGB LED lights. We guarantee durable lighting in your home with our LuxHome RGB LED Lights. How much fun would it be if you could change the boring standard colors with colorful happy colors? This is easily possible with our LuxHome Lights.

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With our LED Color Light, you have directly access to 15 different colors. The colors range from yellow to red and green to blue. And you can decide how high you put the brightness of the colors.

Besides the different colors, with our LED Colorlight you can also choose from 4 fun light effects:

1. ''Flash'' for an on/off effect
2. 'Strobe'' for a flashing effect
3. ''Fade'' for quiet flashing effect
4. ''Breath'' for a breathing effect

In short, you have all the tools you need to add some color and coziness to your home! And if you order 3 pieces today, you only pay 2!

Our LED Color Light comes with a remote control. The operation speaks for itself and is very easy to use. Choose the color and then play with the different light effects.

  • 15 different colors; with our LED Color Light you have 15 different colors at your disposal. The choice is yours!
  • Fun light effects; in addition to different colors, our LED Color Light also allows you to choose from a number of fun light effects.
  • Easy operation; our LED Color Light comes with a remote control which works easily and quickly.
  • Made of high quality materials; our LED Color Light is made of high quality materials.
  • Lamps size: 5Watt: 50mm x 90mm, 10Watt: 60mm x 117mm, 15Watt: 65mm x 125mm

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