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Using your smartphone as navigation, who doesn't? But do you still have it in the cupholder, clamped somewhere on your dashboard, or even worse in your hand? Discover the convenience of this magnetic phone holder from CarTech. 

This holder is equipped with 6 strong magnets of which half is charged positive and the other half negative. This creates an enormously strong magnetic field that keeps your phone firmly in place even on bends and at speed bumps. The magnets themselves are completely harmless to your phone.

And as easy as sticking the holder somewhere you can remove it, without damaging it! Because of the reusable 3M glue layer, you can simply remove it again, without leaving any glue residue and it is just as strong the 2nd, 3rd, and even 10th time. If the glue layer is dirty you rinse it under the tap and let it dry for a while, after that it is like new again and can be used!

The magnetic smartphone holder is not only suitable for in the car but also for use in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, or study. Thanks to the magnetic effect you can also use this holder as a storage place for your keys or you can use it as a memo board. Because those nice memo magnets also stick to it.

So you want a smartphone holder but not a big flashy thing. Then you're right here because this magnetic holder has a slim design. Ideal for mounting on the wall, the dashboard of your car, a door, window, or anywhere else. Self-adhesive so no tools needed. Includes metal magnetic plate for on the phone or to place between phone and case.

  • CarTech magnetic phone holder
  • Not only suitable for in the car
  • Infinitely reusable, just rinse!
  • Suitable for any smartphone
  • With 6 built-in magnets for extra power
  • Available in 3 colors: silver, grey, and pink gold
  • Includes 2 magnetic stickers for non-magnetic phones

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