LED Solar Torches (4 pieces)

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The perfect garden lights for a relaxing summer evening in the garden. Enjoy the dancing flames of these torches without the danger of fire. The safest alternative to real torches and it is also better for the environment too!

These torches feature a solar panel that allows them to charge their battery (2200mAh Li-ion battery) in about 8 hours during the day and then will provide light for up to 12 hours as soon as dusk falls. They switch on and off automatically and therefore will function anywhere the sun shines! 

These torches are 59 centimeters tall, and have diameter of 9,5 cm. They feature 33 LED lights that are forming the amazing flames on these torches. They are 100% waterproof (IP65) meaning you can leave them outside all summer long, even if there is rain!

  • Easy Installation
    Plug the pins together and pin the torches to your favorite spot in the garden. The torches are waterproof so they can be left in the rain.
  • Long lasting illumination
    A charged torch provides a beautiful flaming effect for up to 12 hours
  • Switches on and off automatically
    When dusk falls, these torches automatically switch on by means of a twilight switch

Highlights & specifications

  • Solar LED torches
  • Get a 2-pack, 4-pack or 6-pack
  • 59cm high and 9.5cm diameter with 33 leds
  • Burns up to 12 hours
  • IP65 waterproof
  • The safest garden torch
  • Order multiple pieces for extra discount!
  • Includes free shipping!

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