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Garlic; ‘Life stinks with it, life stinks without it’. In short, we cannot live with or without it. A real meal that you prepare well should have a little bit of garlic in it. However, that little bit always causes smelly hands!

Luckily someone invented this Curved Garlic Press, because of its curve and the handle, you can press garlic in no time without having to get your hands dirty! With a simple movement, you can press the garlic into perfect small pieces and it is immediately ready for use.

Special offer today, buy a Curved RVS Garlic Press and you get the 2nd one for free! 

🧄 Easy to use 
Anyone can work with this garlic press, place it against the garlic, and push. 

🧄 Clean hands!
Because your hands don't come into contact with the garlic, they stay clean and your hands won't smell of garlic for days.

🧄 Clean quickly
Want to rinse under the tap, or put in the dishwasher? You can do it all with the Curved stainless steel garlic press.

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