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This is Foldy, with its compact design and versatility, it is a must-have for your interior. Because Foldy does not only look modern but is also very handy. It can serve as a desk lamp, hanging lamp, night lamp, camping lamp, reading lamp, mood lamp, and even as a flashlight!

Suitable for anywhere in the house, put it on your bedside table as a nightlight. To the toilet at night? Pick it up and take it with you as a flashlight. Because of its lightweight, only 320 grams, it is also ideal for the elderly and children to use. 

Foldy has a wooden handle with which you can easily use to take the lamp with you or to hang it on. It rotates 360 degrees within its handle so you can always rotate it until you have the perfect amount of light.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a touch switch with which you can easily brighten or dim the light. The light has 3 settings and a warm white color which provides extra atmosphere and is calm to the eyes.

Foldy is completely wireless and has a built-in battery. When fully charged, the battery will last up to 5 hours in normal light mode. With the included USB cable, your Foldy easily recharges and is quickly ready for use again.

The strengths of Foldy?

✅ Multi-functional design
✅ Suitable for everyone
✅ Portable, suspendable, rotatable
✅ 3 brightness modes
✅ Brilliant warm light
✅ Rechargeable and wireless
✅ Available in 2 colors


➡️ Color: White, Grey
➡️ Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
➡️ Light color: Warm white
➡️ Weight: 320g
➡️ Dimensions collapsed: 194mm high, 142mm wide
➡️ Dimensions folded out: 248mm high, 142mm wide

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