Ecoco Silicone Toilet Brush

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The last toilet brush you'll ever buy! On an old-fashioned toilet brush, bacteria and fungi form over time. Did you know that they recommend changing your brush every 12 months?

They thought otherwise at Ecoco, so they developed the silicone toilet brush. A brush, on which no bacteria can grow and nothing sticks to it. So you always have a clean hygienic toilet brush ready to use when you need it!

✔️ Antibacterial silicone brush
✔️ Strong and durable material
✔️ Cleans thoroughly and effectively
✔️ Easy to clean
✔️ Standard or wall bracket included

Explore the smart design

The Ecoco brush holder in which the brush is placed is constructed that it can always be dried, in traditional toilet brush holders there is often a layer of dirty water that cannot evaporate. Bacteria and fungus build-up here over time. So say goodbye to that old dirty toilet brush and choose the Ecoco toilet brush!



Highlights & specifications

  • Ecoco Silicone Toilet brush
  • Go for hygiene
  • Suitable for all toilets
  • Nothing sticks to it!
  • Anti-bacterial silicone
  • With wall bracket or freestanding
  • Includes free shipping!

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