3M Adhesive Draft Strip (5 meters)

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You want to keep some things out, such as the wind, drafts, dust, and insects. You can do it all with this sealing strip. The sealing strip is designed to help you do this. 

In addition to preventing draughts from entering the house, it also mutes the sound from other rooms. The strong glue ensures that the strip stays in place. There are color options to make sure the strip is as invisible as possible in your home. The strip is easy to use, just remove the foil and stick it on. 

Flexible and safe: The strip is made of waterproof flexible silicone, eco-friendly material. Due to the thin and soft material, the sealing strip does not affect the use of doors and windows. With one strip of 5 meters, you can easily provide 5 doors with draft protection. Simple to customize with scissors.

Wide application: widely used for frameless sliding doors, glass doors, plastic-steel and aluminum windows, cabinet doors, thresholds, cabinets, closets, shower base, bedroom, and bathroom. Due to its transparent color, it barely stands out on your door and therefore adapts effortlessly to your interior.

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