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Uitvoering: 1x doorbell + 1 receiver
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Now that we all have more and more home deliveries, it's handy to have a working doorbell so you won't miss your package. LuxHome has developed beautiful wireless doorbells with a range of 200 meters.

This doorbell has 3 volume settings, with the loudest one reaching over 85 decibels so you can't miss it. You can also choose from 38 different ringtones, so there is probably something that appeals to you.

The biggest advantage of this doorbell is that you don't have to drill any holes and screw or stick the doorbell next to the door, just plug the receiver into the wall outlet and you're done! We have several packages, and if this is not enough you can always pair them.

1x doorbell + 1 receiver
1x doorbell + 2 receivers
2x doorbell + 1 receiver
2x doorbell + 2 receivers

The doorbell pusher is waterproof and can therefore hang easily at the front door, the receiver runs on mains current and plugs directly into the wall outlet. On the receiver, you can adjust the volume and melody.

And do you know those stories of a doorbell ringing spontaneously because the neighbors have the same one? Don't worry, this doorbell is equipped with the new technology and ensures that it is not bothered by other wireless signals.

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