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Securing the faucet to the sink might seem like a very difficult job to you? But before you pick up the phone to call the plumber, we first ask you to get read more about our Toollux Faucet Wrench.

Because actually this is an easy job but you probably just do not have the tools for it! From now on you can assemble the faucet yourself or fix it again without damaging your sink or tap. This faucet wrench ensures that you can complete the job yourself sucessfully, all by yourself. How convenient is that?

This handy tool will pay for itself after just one job when you see what you will save on hiring a plumber! 

This versatile tool is specially designed to make things easy for you as a handyman. The Toollux Faucet Wrench ensures that you can effortlessly reach the hard to reach places. This all-rounder goes on where you stop. From now on you can easily install a tap on your sink without having to spend a lot of money on a plumber. Thanks to its length you can easily reach the parts where you otherwise could not reach.

The Toollux Faucet Wrench is made of durable materials. The plastic housing provides enough grip while you are doing the job, so you can fully focus on the work at hand. It slides effortlessly over the connections of your sink. The tap wrench is also equipped with an integrated level. With a length of 26 cm, it is a handy item in your toolbox. The aluminum insert is suitable for 2 sizes of nuts. The plastic attachments ensure that you do not leave scratches on your new sink.

✔️ Multifunctional 8 in 1 tool
✔️ No need for a plumber anymore
✔️ Extra length for hard to reach places
✔️ Indispensable in your toolbox
✔️ Suitable for all plumbing jobs

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