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Feel like getting an intense workout? Or just want to knock out all the frustrations of a bad day? That is possible with this AirPuncher from Gym-X. This inflatable punching bag is suitable for everyone, from children to adults. 

Just train your agility and boxing skills in your own room or garden. The punching ball is made of soft and strong material, it is strong enough to be hit with full force and also light enough for soft punches.

The bottom can easily be filled with water or sand, because of the weight at the bottom, it stands steadily upright and cannot be knocked over. The narrowing between the foot and the punchbag allows it to rise quickly and is also ideal for powerful and fast workouts.

✔️ Train your agility
✔️ Height: approximately 160cm
✔️ Diameter: approximately 60cm
✔️ Fill with 15 liters of water or 15 kg of sand for stability
✔️ Easy to inflate
✔️ Available in different colors
✔️ Also suitable for children

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