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Upgrade your sink faucet with this LuxHome 720 degree rotatable head. Want to easily wash your face or drink from the tap? Want to fill a bucket or container that doesn't fit in the sink? It's all possible with this handy tap!

You can choose from two different sprays by simply turning the head. Furthermore, you can easily mount it on any faucet, remove the current head, and screw on the 720-degree rotatable faucet.

💧 Stylish and Compact:
The head is made of high-quality metal and has a sturdy copper housing for extra durability.

💧 Safe and user-friendly design:
The filter tap brings air into the water flow to produce a larger and softer flow that feels soft and does not splash. 

💧 Easy to install:
No tools are needed, just make sure you have the right faucet and then place the head in the faucet and tighten the holder clockwise. It fits effortlessly on faucets with a diameter of 22 and 24mm.

💧 Save water and money:
In contrast to the ordinary faucet, the rotating faucet can rotate 720 degrees. This allows the water flow to reach every corner of the sink, making it very convenient to wash.

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