LuxGarden Grass Trimmer With 6 Blades

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Transform your brushcutter into a true beast that finishes your work within a heartbeat. Replace the current head with this 6-blade version and effortlessly cut and chop through grass, branches and weeds.

This head has 6 blades that can move independently from each other, in this way they do not get stuck like fixed blades. And because these blades consist of a steel alloy they are very durable and will last a lifetime.

Due to its speed and sharpness, the knife cuts through anything effortlessly. This means you will have no more hassle and issues with broken wires or buying wire after wire. And another great benefit of cutting with our LuxGarden Grass Trimmer is that the grass recovers faster, which will result in a beautiful lawn without any brown spots.


☘️ Universal, fits almost any brushcutter / bush trimmer
☘️ Equipped with 6 steel blades
☘️ Easy to install, loosen current head, tighten this one
☘️ Indestructible
☘️ Save yourself a lot of time and money 
☘️ Diameter: 25cm
☘️ Does not include the brush cutter / edger itself!

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