CarTech 360° Ice Scraper

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Now that the temperatures drop towards freezing at night, you can't escape having to scratch your car windows sometimes, for your own safety and not having to pay a fine! So, there you are with your straight ice scraper or even worse, your bank card! The inventor of this 360-degree scraper thought it could be done differently, so your windows would be free of ice and snow in no time at all!

Because it's round, it scratches all sides of the ice on your windows compared to the old-fashioned scratcher (or your bank card). With a 14cm diameter, you can wipe the snow and ice right off the car window. Because the handle is higher, your hands remain free and nice and warm. It is made of durable plastic which can never damage or scratch the car windows.

Tip from a customer, pull the handle off, turn it around and you have a funnel! With this, you can easily refill your car fluids!  

360-degree ice scraper
✅ Suitable for every window
✅ Available in 4 different colors
✅ 14 centimeters diameter
✅ Durable plastic
✅ Doesn't damage the window
✅ Can also be used as a funnel

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