The products offered on our website are exclusively produced and distributed by our suppliers. All products have a warranty period determined by the supplier; ClickToBuy has no control over this. Nevertheless, we offer an (additional) standard warranty period of 12 months on all products (except for batteries, liquids, perfumes, lamps, products with hygiene regulations, etc.). The exact warranty period depends on the product you purchase from the supplier. The product description will indicate if the warranty period exceeds 12 months.

It will take an average of two to four weeks to repair a product if you choose for the repair to be done by us. ClickToBuy has no control over the repair time and cannot speed up the process. If applicable, ClickToBuy will refer you to an external repair centre or the manufacturer for handling.

We will return the product directly to the address you have provided after it is repaired. If your product cannot be repaired, it will either be replaced by another item by the supplier or your account will be credited. If the returned product is found to be non-defective or it falls outside of the warranty period, the manufacturer or repair centre may charge a fee. You will be responsible for these costs which may include cash payment on delivery of the goods.

To submit a warranty request please contact our customer service.